Biden’s Predicaments: More Than Just the Age Factor.

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Oh, how astounding it is – the mainstream media waking up to realize that Joe Biden's hurdles in a potential reelection campaign extend far beyond the triviality of his age. Unbelievable! It's as though they've been slumbering in a deep, liberal utopia, blind to the blunders of the current administration.

Now, don't get me twisted; age is not an insignificant concern. It would be immature, careless even, to underestimate its implications on a person's performance, particularly in a role as critical as that of the Presidency. Yet, the woes Biden faces are not merely the physical constraints of his advancing years but the crumbling ideological fortress that is his political platform.

What did these pollsters expect to find? That the public would ignore the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan that left countless innocent lives at risk? Or perhaps, that they would overlook the unabated surge of illegal immigrants at our border, an insurmountable issue the Biden administration has proven utterly powerless against? It's laughable.

The failures of his administration spread far and wide. We witness a precarious economy strained under rising inflation and an escalating national debt. And let's not ignore the administration's peculiar focus on prioritizing 'wokeness' over practical, beneficial policies. Does our economy need virtue signaling, or does it cry out for tangible relief? Any sane person can answer that, yet our current leaders seem deaf to logic.

Furthermore, the administration's stance on energy policy proves another point of contention. By attempting to placate environmental extremists, the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline not only sacrificed thousands of American jobs but left our country more dependent on foreign energy. Where does the interest of the American citizen stand in this equation, might I ask?

But oh, the piece de resistance, their COVID-19 response. The lot promised us transparency, competence, and most importantly, results. Yet, all we meet with are confusing mandates, inconsistent messaging, and a charade of a vaccine rollout. We are no better than when we started this pandemic, and in some aspects, are far worse off.

So, yes, age is, indeed, a concern for Biden's chances at reelection. But it is merely a drop in the ocean of issues. It's not just about his physical capabilities or mental faculties; it's about his administration's inability to effectively manage the country's numerous problems. Its ideologically driven policies, lack of leadership, and its startling inaction where action is desperately needed.

It is fundamental to understand that what we're dealing with here is not just an old, possibly deteriorating man; it's an entire cadre of politicians who have, thus far, demonstrated a catastrophic failure in their duties to the American people. So, no, ABC News, Biden's troubles are not just about his age. They're about his policies, his leadership, his administration, and, in short, the future of this country.

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