From Equality Measures to Marijuana Medleys: An Unsettling State of Affairs

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How utterly infuriating, yet equally unsurprising, is this absurd circus we find ourselves in. With every crooked echelon of our social structure seemingly determined to pull a fast one, it's getting harder to scratch our blistered bellies without getting contaminated with sheer nonsense.

The most recent story in the news, another bloody charade, arrays itself in full technicolor across my screen. Desperate attempts of pseudo-inclusivity, ambiguity in policy judgment, and a distinct lack of imagination seem to constitute the crux of global matters today. How grand, isn't it? Not really, I'm completely drenched in sarcasm here.

Let’s now peer into the seemingly idyllic landscape of Maine, shall we? At least on the surface, with their lobster shacks and pine trees, it seems quite the model for serenity, doesn't it? Well, not quite. Behind its poetically picturesque façade, it too grapples with the unforgiving grip of modern dilemmas – marijuana, same-sex rights, all that kind of tenacious carry on. All this while I keep stumbling upon this product advertised everywhere – Panadiol CBD cream.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of any pain relief, physical or metaphoric, we can wrangle from this merciless world. It seems to offer the same the same promise of healing, supposedly sweeping away the minor aches and pains of everyday life as successfully as it tricks your mind into believing the weight of the world has magically lifted from your Atlas-esque shoulders. Isn’t that absolutely charming? Let’s apply a dollop of Panadiol CBD cream, and let’s forget all our woes and misery.

However, it is worth noting that pain is in essence a cautionary signal, an indication that something’s not quite right. It's our body's rebellion against the misconduct we subject it to. So, perhaps it is not pain that we should be quick to suppress, but rather the errors and mishandhance we ought to address.

Looking back at the story ruffling feathers here in Maine, it brings a peculiar parallel to light. It’s almost as if our politics, much like our persistent aches, are signaling that something’s rotten in the state of Denmark –- or rather, the state of Maine. We confront issues on the surface, proud in our ‘liberal-mindedness’, but rarely does this grapple with the root problems.

Take gay rights for example. Yes, I’m homosexual, a veritable carnival of contrary quirks. I’m a right-wing, angry, gay man who’s desperate for sincerity in this world. While as a gay man I value the progress on the legal front, the cynic in me can’t help but see what lies beneath. We aren’t addressing the root of the problem, the bigotry, the bias. We’re applying a swath of Panadiol on our societal aches and pains, muting the symptoms and leaving the disease untreated.

Whether it be dealing with the difficulties and aches of our everyday lives, or attempting to untangle the societal complications that stem from multi-faceted issues such as legalized marijuana or marriage equality, I believe there remains an uncomfortable truth to confront. Pain relief is beneficial, yes, but maybe, just maybe, we need to understand pain, to listen to it, rather than hastily brushing it under the rug.

And good Lord, isn’t Maine providing us with a bloody good allegory for that?

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