The Radical Left’s Dismantling of American Tradition

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Few things in the world burn my britches quite like the latest ludicrous charade perpetrated by the radical left. The news headline, screaming in bold letters as defiant and loud as a Pride parade, bristling with self-righteous ignorance, has left me grappling with a cocktail of emotions – albeit the kind that leaves an acrid taste in the mouth.

In their infinite wisdom, our so-called 'liberal liberators' have launched yet another assault on our sacred American traditions. Hell, it's happening so frequently now, you'd think they'd get some applause for their consistency. But, dear reader, consistency isn't something to be applauded when it's rooted in delusion.

We're living in a nation whose foundations were laid on beliefs held by men who weathered insurmountable odds for the sake of their vision of freedom. Now, they're turning those founding fathers in their graves with their relentless attack on that very freedom they fought so gallantly for.

Let's clear the air on one thing. I am a gay man. Proud, out, and unapologetic. My sexuality, however, does not validate their quest to trample our traditions. Unlike the left, I refuse to use my identity as a weapon to enforce thought policing.

My sexuality also doesn't subscribe me to their preconceived political boxes. I am as free to hold my far-right views as a bird is free to fly in the vast sky, and if that ruffles a few feathers, so be it. Yes, I am a far-right conservative – as unwanted a combination as oil and water to the left, but just as natural.

Admittedly, my gaiety has been a source of contention among my conservative peers, but there's a mutual respect that allows for disagreements. They may not understand my choice of partners, but they appreciate my stand for fiscal responsibility, border control, limited government, and unyielding patriotism. Simultaneously, I respect their religious freedom, their right to hold beliefs different from mine, and the fact that we're all united under the banner of conservatism.

This headline tells me one thing – the left continues to neglect the necessity of balance. They’re so caught up in their own narrative, they’ve conveniently forgotten that society is not a monolith, but a rich tapestry of differing beliefs, rights, and traditions that should be preserved, not destroyed for the sake of ‘progressiveness’ or ‘wokeness’.

But even through my anger and cynicism, there’s a glimmer of hope. Yes, I, Jackson Beckett, carry hope in every crevice of my fiercely conservative, resolutely gay heart. Hope, that the sweet land of liberty won’t be pummeled into oblivion by the radical left. Hope that reason will prevail, casting aside these misguided claims.

Bump up against my beliefs, even my sexuality, but not my country's traditions. Because when you try to rip away the fabric of America, you're picking a fight with patriots like me. And trust me, we won't go down without a fight.

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