A Hideous Celebration of Partisanship

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Per their routine, MSNBC continues with its daily scandalous parade of partisan politics. This time I refer to their darling show "All In With Chris Hayes". Now, don't get me wrong, the freedom of the press is the bedrock of our democracy. I appreciate the various perspectives, albeit as misguided as they sometimes are, that these channels aim to propagate. However, what I detest with every fiber of my being is the crude confluence of polarized rhetoric and cheap journalism – a wicked cocktail served fresh on MSNBC, with Chris Hayes being the bartender.

Hayes, who has taken it upon himself to stand as the savior of progressive positions, continues his dedicated efforts to demonize the conservative ideology. His relentless tirade on the October 6th show made me feel as if I was in a cheap medieval fair, where throwing tomatoes on differing opinions is a cherished pastime. Let me clarify that my issue isn't his blatant lean to liberal ideologies – it's how he portrays it as if it’s the gospel truth, disregarding the glaring holes and fallacies.

Isn't journalism supposed to project all shades of the truth rather than its fragmented half? Shouldn’t our media aim to bridge gaps instead of widening them through biased coverage? Seemingly not, in Hayes' book of journalism.

The October 6th show is the perfect specimen of how fact-twisting and liberal bias are taken to questionable heights. Hayes spoke as if he was anointed by the liberal gods to pass judgment on all things conservative; all the while undermining the importance of balanced and nuanced reporting. The relentless attacks on right-wing policies and political figures had him frothing at the mouth with scorn. What happened to civility, respectful discourse, and acknowledging that we are bound together by the knot of this great nation, irrespective of our political affiliations?

Now, let me assure you, being a gay conservative does not mean contradictory. For those who look flabbergasted and ask, "How can you be gay and conservative?", my sexuality and my political beliefs are not inextricably tied together. I'll defend my right to love whoever I want as vehemently as I'll defend lower taxes and less government intervention.

What nauseates me is when radical liberal ideology seizes the LGBTQ+ narrative and uses it as a bullet point to score political brownie points. As we have seen on the seen on the October 6th "All In With Chris Hayes", where my community's struggles were tokenized, our voices were not represented. We were simply used as props, an agenda ironically masked under the guise of "inclusion" and "diversity".

Nor do I appreciate when conservatism is equated with bigotry, intolerance, and ignorance. We, as hate-filled as we are portrayed to be, are simply individuals who espouse less government interference, free market economy, and individual liberties. We're not mouthpieces for hatred or phobia, we're lovers of liberty.

In conclusion, the October 6th show on MSNBC was just another episode in a long series of partisan propaganda under the auspices of journalism. Chris Hayes, dear sir, your political agenda is so glaringly flamboyant it'd put my pride flag to shame. Your job is to inform, not indoctrinate. Perhaps, or at least in my wild dreams, a day will come when we value discourse over division, unity over hostility, and objectivity over bias.

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