God Save the Republic

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There I sat, slouched in my armchair, sipping that strong roast coffee that always delivered an invigorating slap to the senses, my piercing gaze riveted to a news headline that had done a splendid job of bringing a scowl to my typically impassive visage. Usually, I settle into the evening with a good old-fashioned mystery novel and a strong drink, but, on this particular day, I was navigating the cesspool of unfiltered information that the internet offers.

We live venturing through this era of utter confusion and anarchy, where social norms crumble and society is rushing headlong down the broad path to unabashed liberalism. Everything I witness nowadays, every piece of so-called 'progressive' legislation, each act signaling an alarming lurch away from our foundational values, seems to be another bullet fired into the heart of this once great republic.

The present government proudly parades itself as liberal, as if it were a badge of courage, camouflaging the brash ignorance that fuels it. And no, this isn’t about the color of skin, race, or sexual orientation. My being a gay man doesn't blind me to the proposed policies' staggering implications. It's about the legacy that is the United States of America.

I stand firm in my conviction that the church and state should be separate entities. Our founding fathers had wisdom to protect our nation from religious persecution and oppression. Churches were never intended to be used as political tools. But I also believe that the state should not infrival on the rights of churches regarding doctrine and worship – they need to respect that boundary.

Our media's narrative is filled with half-truths, grandstanding for the government's self-promoted ideals of inclusivity and equality, all while undermining the established institutions that have long defined our nation. So, when I read the headline today, my disdain for the unchecked circus our populace is becoming was fueled even more.

It's essential to understand that anger isn’t intrinsically wrong. When this rage stems from an intelligent observation of the ignorance festering in our present society, this anger becomes a catalyst for change. It fuels the pursuit for better, for rationality, for justice, and for an erosion of this madness that many have fallen prey to!

Being a far-right conservative gay man may seem paradoxical to many. After all, I am living, breathing proof that conservatism isn’t dominated by bigotry and homophobia. True conservatism respects each individual’s rights, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, so long as they don't encroach upon the rights and welfare of others. A constitutional republic, wherein the rule of law reigns supreme, is the bedrock of our great nation.

Dismiss me as a bigot, a grumpy old man clinging tight to the past, vilify me with all your heart, but I will not waver in my demand for a society that respects its foundational values – values that cultivated this great nation. It’s high time we reverted to sanctimony and prudence before we slip further down this treacherous path we seem so keen to tread.

All the while, I remain, Jackson Beckett, bristling with indignation, yet hopeful that this beautiful mess we call the United States can steer itself back to the enduring principles that underpin its greatness. Because really, God save the republic.

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