Virtue Feigned: Biden Pledges Human Rights Advocacy to LGBTQ+ Community

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Oh, what a throbbing joy to be the subject of yet another political vow. This time, it’s our dear President Biden promising the illustrious rainbow of the LGBTQ+ community that he's our advocate, our champion, our knight in shining armor. A recent headline exclaims his vow to grant us unyielding recognition, respect, and protection. Do forgive me if my enthusiasm for this grand gesture seems a tad scarce; I've learned to be cynical of beautiful promises. Oh, how they echo hollow when they ricochet off the hard, marble walls of the White House. Silent pledges whispered with faux fondness, meant to sway public sentiment.

Yes, I am gay. Born this way. Proudly so. But I am also conservative, fiercely believing in the strength of smaller government, self-reliance, traditional values, the sanctity of life, and a hell-bent reverence for our Constitution. These sectors of my persona, often ignited in a tumultuous, inner brawl, rarely taste the sweet satisfaction of synchronization. Hence begins the labyrinthine flight down the rabbit-hole of modern-day American politics.

Every ounce of my cynical core… nay, my pissed-off, enraged heart longs to believe Biden's promises. His pledge to make healthcare more accessible, to end workplace discrimination, to ban conversion therapy, to halt the senseless violence towards transgender people, and to pursue global LGBTQ+ rights. Yet, I can't help but scoff at the classic liberal tradition of presenting grand, mythical stories that inevitably buckle under the weight of reality. Your identity being used as political leverage, a weaponized narrative spoon-fed to masses yearning for deliverance, is an infuriatingly bitter pill to swallow.

It seems essential to remind liberals that we, the gay community, are not merely a voting machine that beeps in your favor like mindless automatons. We are strong, capable, intricate individuals capable of critical thought, of harboring a spectrum of political ideologies. Painting us as vulnerable and victimized, before promising to be our saviors, undermines our resilience, independence, and, dare I say, our right to think freely.

Moreover, Biden’s claimed advocacy, while painting a rosy picture for the public eye, failed to address the divisive policies of his predecessor that remain engraved in the etchings of our society. Revising this narrative, Mr. President, requires substantial commitment, consistency—qualities that seem scarcely scattered within your current rhetoric. Your governmental regulation solution downplays the importance of individual responsibility, trivializing our strength and reducing our community to a mere left-wing agenda talking point.

And then, there is the question of timing. Why now, all of a sudden, has Biden found it crucial to uphold LGBTQ+ rights? Did he not vote in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, effectively denying same-sex couples federal recognition and benefits? Or is this newfound advocacy just another political sleight of hand, another attempt to garner votes and public sympathy, pulling the queer card only when politically convenient?

While I appreciate being acknowledged and promised representation, I'm vastly more urged to conceive it as the cynic's sweet indulgence; a confectionary sprinkling of self-serving virtue signalling. It is yet another attempt to paint over the stark, unpleasant truths of politics with the vibrant hues of rainbow promises.

In brief, I remain skeptical of this new-found advocacy, given its blatant political utility and the lip-service history has indicated. And understandably so. I am pissed-off, cynical, and absolutely, unabashedly gay. And thus, I insist, when the frenzied parade of promises dissipates, on standing strong as an individual, unwaivered by the exhausting tug-of-war of political hypocrisy. A far-right conservative gay man standing his ground, reminding the powers that be – we are not simply your political baits. We are individuals demanding liberty, respect, and dignity. Our identities are not your campaign slogans. We are not your tokens.

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