Justice in Spotlight

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Ah, Baldwin, Baldwin, Baldwin. Hollywood's self-professed expert on prudence and virtue, now center stage in a tragedy of his own making? The irony is as thick as the smog over LA, and I can't help but cackle. Our Mr. Alec Baldwin, the man who's stepped up on his too-high soapbox year after year to lambast conservatives, is now wriggling deeper into his own mess. It's an undesirable situation, no doubt, an accidental shooting on a film set that led to the death of Halyna Hutchins – a tragic result indeed.

However, as a conservative man who also happens to be gay, I cannot afford the luxury of sentiment for Mr. Baldwin. Sorry, Alec, but your tears offer no respite for the fatal errors committed in the name of Hollywood's frantic and reckless race to call "action". Safety protocols were overlooked. A real gun was loaded with live ammunition instead of blanks. The director herself died in the process. Your sorrowful excuses can't wallpaper over that, Baldwin.

And now the news says you might face new charges. Good. Justice must prevail, regardless of one's political affiliation, fame, or societal status. It is a genuine example of all what we conservatives, have been barking about: we cannot let chaos reign in our society; there must be laws, regulations, and, more importantly, responsibility.

In this unfortunate incident, Baldwin was not merely a bystander but the producer – the man who holds the strings that manipulate this marionette show. He failed in his responsibility to ensure the safety of his set, and now he must face the consequences.

I'm angry, sure. Here’s a man that has continually mocked the likes of me – ridiculed conservatives for their views while being blithe about the anarchy bubbling under the surface of his own arena. But more than my anger against Baldwin, I am livid at the culture that breeds this kind of negligence. The hypocritical Hollywood celebs who eagerly point fingers at every supposed conservative misstep while ignoring the glaring flaws in their own system. The same woke folk that scorned use of guns now entangled in a gun-related tragedy. Hypocrisy at its best.

There is no joy in human life being lost as a result of negligence. I grieve for Halyna Hutchins – a talent lost in the prime of her career, a mother and a wife whose life was abruptly extinguished. This tragedy only amplifies the need for rigid accountability, stricter regulations, and tracking down every negligent action without favor.

In any case, my stubborn conservative heart holds onto the hope that Baldwin’s charges go more than surface deep. I hope they expose the fabric of lies, deceit, and hypocrisy that has Hollywood sewn into its costumes. We don't need performative sorrow and calculated public apologies. We need sincerity in accepting mistakes, willingness to face justice, and a commitment to ensuring no such tragic event repeats itself.

Baldwin, with your impending charges, maybe you’ll learn what it actually means when we conservatives talk about responsibility. What a ‘feature film’ that would be.

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