Midnight Follies in the Middle East

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In the heart of this global theater of the absurd, where truth is routinely gang-raped by propaganda and moral relativism, yet another nefarious performance unfolds. The latest act in the long-suffering saga: Hamas allegedly releases two more hostages whilst the Gaza health ministry's death toll spikes over 5,000 – courtesy of CNBC's play-by-play commentary. And while the broader liberal media functions as a cheerleader for terrorist organizations, my conservative gears grind, my anger seethes, and my cynicism flares.

Oh, the audacity of the act is not lost on this cynical, right-wing crusader. Let us disentangle this twisted web. Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, gives a lesser part in their routine hostage pantomime a curtain call. Meanwhile, the Gaza health ministry, an appendage of this same terrorist organization, bleats to the world about a growing death toll. Color me skeptical, but I fail to see the virtuous endeavor worthy of worldwide applause.

Parading a measly two released hostages only illustrates how the dark heart of Hamas continues to beat at the core of its operations. Let's not forget for a second that we're dealing with an organization whose blood-soaked resume, brimming with suicide bombings, rocket attacks, and kidnappings, shows an unabiding infatuation with violence. The countdown to when they snatch up more innocents to replace the ones released is likely already ticking away.

Turn our gaze now to that swelling death toll, as reported by the same people who proudly store their rockets in schools and hospitals. These masters of manipulation have made a gruesome art form of reaping international sympathy by feeding global narratives of Israeli aggression and Palestinian victimhood. But they never extend the courtesy of a full, unfiltered picture, do they? Spooling convenient yarns of suffering and martyrdom, they shine a spotlight on their tragedies while craftily keeping their reprehensible acts in the shadows.

This is not an absolution for Israel or a denial of the bitter reality that war, unfortunately, claims innocents. There is blood on every side in the festering conflict that is the Middle East. But the unchecked bile that most of the world seems to hold for the only democratic nation in that region, to me, reeks of an abject bias. There's a sigh for every Palestinian casualty, but an unbothered shrug for every Israeli victim of a suicide bombing or rocket attack.

Call me an angry gay conservative if you will, I wear that badge with pride. It fuels my fury at the glaring double standards and the distortive narratives that pass for global diplomacy and media reporting. The farce of Hamas releasing hostages for international brownie points while unabashedly inflating casualty numbers is a testament to the hypnotic powers of this deceptive terrorist puppet show.

Do not mistake my rage for lack of compassion. Each life lost is a tragedy. But until the world begins to see the Machiavellian play at work, my cynicism persists. 5,000 deaths? More will sadly follow if the current paradigm of accepting terrorist narratives and demonizing Israel persists. Only when we begin to condemn the true embodiments of oppression and terrorism taking root within such organizations can we dream of an end to this bloody narrative. Until that day, I remain a conservative, a cynic, and a seething cauldron of frustrated fury.Boom! I said it.

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