About Jackson

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Jackson Beckett is a seasoned journalist, writer, and cultural commentator with a unique perspective that bridges gaps and challenges mainstream narratives. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Jackson grew up cherishing the traditions and values of the American South. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, he has always championed the importance of embracing one’s authentic self while honoring one’s roots.

Having graduated summa cum laude from Columbia University’s School of Journalism, Jackson embarked on a journey through various facets of media. His work has appeared in prominent national publications, offering readers fresh insights on politics, society, and culture.

Throughout his career, Jackson’s writings have consistently emphasized the importance of open dialogue, unity, and understanding amidst diversity. His unique lens—being at the intersection of conservative values and LGBTQ+ identity—enriches public discourse by bringing underrepresented voices to the forefront.

When not penning thought-provoking pieces or contributing to panel discussions, Jackson enjoys exploring the historical streets of Charleston, indulging in Southern gastronomy, and spending quality time with his two adopted Greyhounds.